About Our Team

Epping Well & Pump is a leader in providing quality service for a wide range of water needs including pump replacement, system repair, water treatment, irrigation, and has a state accredited laboratory for water testing located at Seacoast Analytical Services.

With over 200 years of combined experience, your water system will be in good hands with Epping Well & Pump. Many of our technicians have been working in the industry for over 15 years and are ready to listen to you and provide a solution to your water problems.

Since opening the doors in 1986, Henry DeBoer’s philosophy has been to provide professional service, have knowledgeable and friendly staff, and to treat clients like the very important people they are.

From 1977 to 1986, Henry worked for a large well and pump company in Southern New Hampshire, which allowed him to gain an incredible amount of experience and knowledge Taking all that he had learned, he headed to a small town where he didn’t know anyone and started Epping Well & Pump Co., Inc.

Fourteen years later, the company had 24 employees, over $2,500,000 yearly sales, operated over 50 community well systems, and gained 15,000 customers. Over 90% of Epping Well & Pump business is referred by one of their previously satisfied clients.

In addition to having more than 45 years of experience in the field, Henry is a Certified Water System Operator in New Hampshire and a Grade 2D Water System Operator in Maine, licensed pump installer, water treatment expert, owner of the only pump and filter company with a NELAC accredited state-certified water analysis laboratory, and works closely with a licensed well driller in MA, ME and NH.

He is a member of many associations including the New Hampshire Water Well Association, the New Hampshire Water Works Association, the Irrigation Association of New England, and the National Irrigation Association. He served as director of the NH Water Well Association, and has been an officer of the I.A.N.E. for many years, and was chairman of the Water & Sewer Commission for the town of Epping for over 15 years.

“If you are looking to work with a family owned business who cares for their clients and employees – you found it! An extra bonus – if you want to speak with a person on the phone – they answer their phones 24 x 7!!! They do exceptional work, from irrigation to testing and providing solutions for safe water for your homes. And you don’t need to live in Epping to get great service!!!”

– S. Steele 

We truly appreciate the opportunity to educate people about water quality and treatment technologies. Many elements that are in the water we drink are not harmful, they just are aesthetically unpleasing to taste and smell such as hardness, iron and sulfur odors. It is the things we do not taste or smell that are harmful to us, such as bacteria, radon and arsenic.

When it comes to water quality, the first question we ask every customer is,  

“What bothers you about your water?”  

Our goal is to listen to our customers’ concerns so that we can understand their true needs and find the right solution. As professionals, we feel it is our responsibility to educate homeowners, builders, and owners and residents of small community systems about water quality issues in our area so they can make informed decisions.

The quality of the water we drink is a huge component of our overall health. We specialize in a variety of treatment technologies such as ion exchange systems or water softeners, carbon and/or sediment filters, adsorbent filtration media, oxidation, reverse osmosis and neutralization. We only install treatment based upon the water quality results and meeting our customer’s needs.

We are irrigation specialists; we provide homeowners the opportunity to have lush outdoor spaces through maintaining their landscape by investing in watering. The main purpose of irrigation systems is to supplement the moisture a plant needs that nature does not provide on the hottest, driest days of the year.

A properly designed system is a water conservation tool that applies just the right amount of moisture at the right time of the day. At Epping Well we have a Certified Irrigation Specialist on staff; very few companies are certified and properly trained. 

We have over 1,200 contract irrigation customers who happily sign with us every year and we have installed over 3,000 irrigation systems in the Seacoast area.

One of our greatest responsibilities is ensuring that the residents in the public water supply communities we operate have drinking water that is safe and that they are in compliance with state regulations.

We have 8 certified NH Water Works Operators on staff to operate over 50 small community water systems (i.e. condominiums, mobile home developments, campgrounds, restaurants, convenience stores and commercial-industrial buildings) in NH and Maine.

“Very happy with our experience. They were prompt, polite and knowledgeable. The price was
spot on and I will definitely recommend it and have it again if needed.”

– F. Baird 

A Brief History of Epping Well and Pump Company

The doors to Epping Well and Pump Company opened in 1986 with just 2 employees (one being the owner) to keep it running. Currently, we have 30 employees and two office locations in Epping and Pittsfield. 

The main sectors of our business are in water pumps and wells, water testing, water treatment, irrigation system design and installation and operation of small community water systems. We predominantly serve customers in the greater NH seacoast area, southern Maine and northeastern Massachusetts.

We view each one of our customers as lifelong customers.

90% of our business is personal referrals; and for that, we are very proud.

We believe that we use the highest quality equipment that we can buy at a reasonable cost. Due to the quality and efficiency of the equipment we install, it has a long and dependable life. It is not just about the installation cost, but the lifetime cost of operations and maintenance.

We are more diversified in what we do than our competition.

They may do irrigation, or water treatment or pumps but they do not bring professionals together to provide an all-inclusive, well-trained level of service that Epping Well has come to provide. This is what makes our company so unique and successful and allows us to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Education and training of our employees is a key to our success. We hold Tuesday morning trainings every week and bring in other specialists in our field as well as safety instructors to ensure that we are up to date on all technologies and offer only the highest quality of service.

Most people don’t truly appreciate the value of water, until they don’t have it

At Epping Well we excel at emergency “no water” service calls. We take pride in our 24/7 service.

When you call, you’ll be greeted by an employee or prompted by a machine to press 1 for a live person or 2 to leave a message.

There is always a trained professional on the line, ready to react and solve problems.

“Excellent, thorough work. They drilled our well this winter and we had no problems. The week of the project it rained and snowed quite a bit. A few weeks later when the soil dried up a little bit more, they returned to smooth the area. Highly recommend this local company.” 

– C. Bennett