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If you are looking for reliable water treatment solutions, look no further.  At Epping Well & Pump, we offer comprehensive water treatment services to ensure clean and safe water for your home or business. Our experienced team of experts specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of water treatment systems, including filtration, softening, and purification systems. With our advanced technology and tailored solutions, we guarantee improved water quality, eliminating contaminants and impurities. 

Most wells have some type of mineral or bacteria problems and can usually be rectified by water treatment. Trust Epping Well & Pump for all your water treatment needs. Contact us today for a free consultation!

We Have Water Treatment Solutions/Systems For:

Rotten eggs, swampy or chlorine
Iron and manganese
Staining on clothes or fixtures, build up on shower head, washing machine or dishwasher.
Blue/green staining
White deposits on dishes after washing or shower door
Some minerals can make the water taste bad
Build up that causes low water pressure
Odorless and Colorless Contaminants
It's the things that you don't see, taste, or smell that can be harmful to you and your family which makes testing essential
High acidity
Acidic water can leach metals from your pipes and pose a health risk
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Water Analysis and testing

Epping Well & Pump offers water testing services and here are just some of the things we test for:  

Benefits of Water testing and treatment

Experience the benefits of healthy water with Epping Well & Pump’s advanced water treatment solutions. Our state-of-the-art systems ensure that the water you drink, cook with, and use for cleaning is of the highest quality. Say goodbye to concerns about contaminants and impurities in your water supply, as our filtration, softening, and purification systems effectively remove harmful substances, providing you with water that is safe and refreshing.

Not only does our water treatment process guarantee healthy water for consumption and hygiene, but it also enhances your everyday life in numerous ways. With our systems, you can enjoy the luxury of softer, cleaner laundry. Say goodbye to the frustration of stiff clothes and harsh detergent residue. Our water treatment solutions effectively eliminate hard water minerals, resulting in softer fabrics, brighter colors, and longer-lasting clothing.

NH Woman With Drinking Water

Water treatment systems play a crucial role in keeping you healthy by ensuring the water you consume is free from harmful contaminants. These systems effectively remove various impurities, such as bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals, and other pollutants that can pose health risks. By investing in a water treatment system, you can safeguard yourself and your family against potential long-term health issues.

 With a reliable water treatment system in place, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you are providing your body with the highest quality water essential for maintaining good health.

Choose Epping Well & Pump for reliable and efficient water treatment services that provide healthy, safe water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Contact us today and let us enhance the quality of your water and improve your daily life.

Water treatment Systems Can:

  • Automatically capture naturally-occuring iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide gases.
  • Remove Arsenic 3 and Arsenic 5.
  • Remove undesirable, unhealthy, and unsafe minerals and contaminants from your water.
  • Protect your home from corrosive groundwater that corrodes pipes, appliances, and causes blue-green staining.
  • If you have any of these problems, we have the treatment system for you. Depending on your concerns, we will test the water either at your home or our own State Certified Laboratory.
Water treatment systems - Epping Well and Pump
Epping Well and Pump Team Photo

The Epping well & Pump Team Offers:

  • Answers to your water questions by Educated Employees
  • Free in-home mineral analysis
  • Salt delivery
  • Cartridge filters
  • R.O. Membranes
  • Replacement Media
  • Chemicals
  • Potassium permanganate, sodium hypochlorite, soda ash, potash
  • Filter parts
  • Professional Recommendations
Water treatment device

Water Filtration Services in New Hampshire

The presence of some contaminants in water can only be determined by testing, due to the fact that they have no taste, odor, or color. Radon and arsenic are two common contaminants in New England. We install quality water treatment systems for both. With filtration equipment available in all styles and models, we make a tangible, lasting difference in water quality around New Hampshire.

Introducing The Sediment Filter – “Big Blue” – by Pentek

Does your water smell or taste bad? Your solution could be filtration.

Having a “Big Blue” filter where your water enters your home, (point-of-entry), filters all the water coming in, instead of having smaller systems at the faucet (point-of-use). It’s convenient and efficient because you only need to remember to change one filter. It’s also easy to focus on your specific concern. If your water smells like rotten eggs, a great solution is a carbon filter. If your concern is sediment such as sand, silt, rust or scale particles, a string filter is your answer.

If you’ve invested money in a kitchen or bathroom remodel, investing in this type of filtration makes sense so you know there is quality water running through your dish washer, washing machine and refrigerator as well as into your shower, toilet or sinks. 

Even your fur babies will benefit from having fresh, clean, filtered water.

Water filtration NH

How Does Water Filtration Work?

Water flows through a filter inside the housing which removes (is “reduces” a better term?) the contaminant you’re concerned about.

Point of Entry

A point-of-entry system is installed where your water comes into the home, prior to any faucets or fixtures.

String Filter

A cartridge that is manufactured from durable polypropylene cord that is wound around a rigid polypropylene core. It is used to reduce fine sediment such as sand, silt, rust and scale particles.

Carbon Filter

A cartridge that consists of granular activated carbon for reduction of unwanted tastes and smells.

Combo Filter

A cartridge that will help with particulates, smells and tastes.

Advantages of pentak water filtration system:



Pentak Water Filter

What Our Clients Say About Our NH Water Treatment Services

“Dear Henry, I wanted to express the level of professionalism and attention to detail that your crew demonstrated today. Replacing and rebuilding an entire system is not easy, but your team made it so. They went above and beyond to explain and help ensure the system was installed, explained, tested and ultimately left my home better than they found it. This is now my third system with your company and I could not more highly endorse your group. Thank you for still running your company like I was your only customer! I appreciate the dedication and I wanted to compliment the team. Great work today!” – Marty Goodman

“I have a duplex rental in Greenland, NH, and was out of town when we had a problem with our well water supply system filtering system, in the basement, in late May 2019. I called the installer of our Charcoal final filter tanks, installed in each unit, that was the apparent problem. He wasn’t available for a week or more. I didn’t know who to call to fix the problem soon, so I asked my son Eric Levi Levin, a Realtor at Keller Williams RE, and Levi recommended I call Epping Well & Pump. I was a bit skeptical, as I didn’t know of them, but called and they responded quickly. Both filter tanks needed charcoal filter media replaced. Work was completed, but one Apartment had a problem with charcoal escaping from the filter tank. I called Epping Well back, when I was alerted to the problem. They again responded immediately, fixed the problem, cleaned the piping lines, and informed me that it was due to connections being crossed inadvertently, by them. When I got the statement/bill from them, I saw they not only didn’t charge any additional fees for the work, but they charged me very reasonably. I was very impressed. But, there’s more. Fast forward to early August 2019. We again had a problem with charcoal finds getting into the piping, on this same Apartment unit. I called back Epping Well, they again responded immediately. I was there this time, and observed all being done. This Tech first did a thorough examination of the system, to determine the source of the problem. He found the cause. And, I’m saying it was not Epping Well’s wrongdoing. But, he determined a regeneration head needed to be added to the filter tank, meaning the filter tank would be periodically backflushed. Added the backflush head, and again flushed/cleaned all the pipes, and verified the system was working properly. This took the Tech about 5 hours total time. I was not charged for this improvement or added service. I am so impressed and satisfied. I must say the Management and Tech service, knowledge, competence, and professionalism is outstanding. Thank you again Epping Well!”

– R. Levin

Visit this page to learn more about our water testing services.