About Us


Epping Well & Pump Co. Inc. is dedicated to providing world-class residential and commercial wells, water pumps, water treatment, water analysis, and irrigation systems to the customers of New England through a well-trained staff focused on customer education and satisfaction, community beautification, and water conservation.

Epping Well & Pump is a leader in providing quality service for a wide range of water needs including pump replacement, system repair, water treatment, irrigation, and is affiliated  with a state accredited laboratory for water testing. With over 200 years of combined experience, your water system will be in good hands with Epping Well & Pump. Many of our technicians have been working in the industry for over 15 years and are ready to listen to you and provide a solution to your water problems.

Since opening the doors in 1986, Henry DeBoer’s philosophy has been to provide professional service, have knowledgeable and friendly staff, and to treat clients like the very important people they are. From 1977 to 1986, Henry worked for a large well and pump company in Southern New Hampshire, which allowed him to gain an incredible amount of experience and knowledge taking all that he had learned, he headed to a small town where he didn’t know anyone and started Epping Well & Pump Co., Inc. Fourteen years later, the company had 24 employees, over $2,500,000 yearly sales, operated over 50 community well systems, and gained 15,000 customers. Over 90% of Epping Well & Pump’s business is referred by one of their previously satisfied clients.

In addition to having 35 years of experience in the field, Henry is a Certified Water System Operator in New Hampshire and a Grade 2D Water System Operator in Maine, licensed pump installer, water treatment expert, owner of the only pump and filter company with a NELAC accredited state-certified water analysis laboratory, and works closely with a licensed well driller in MA, ME and NH.

He is a member of many associations including the New Hampshire Water Well Association, the New Hampshire Water Works Association, the Irrigation Association of New England, and the National Irrigation Association. He served as director of the NH Water Well Association, and has been an officer of the I.A.N.E. for many years, and was chairman of the Water & Sewer Commission for the town of Epping for over 15 years. 

We Contribute to Our Communities

We believe in giving back to our community, enhancing the lives of our neighbors, and engaging in impactful international outreach, whenever possible. Take a look at some of our recent projects, located in familiar neighborhoods here at home and abroad.

Mary Blair Park – Epping Youth Athletic Association

In the early 2000’s we donated the design, materials and installation of irrigation systems at two athletic fields at Mary Blair Park along the Lamprey River, off Route 27 in West Epping. Mary Blair was a beloved teacher in Epping, NH. She wanted to leave a legacy to the children of Epping. The park that bears her name is a public site to begin a river tour along the Wild and Scenic Lamprey River. We are proud and honored to have installed this system and to donate our time to start-up, service and winterize it every year 

Hampton Falls – Town Hall Irrigation System

In July 2014, we donated the design, materials and installation of irrigation systems at the Hampton Falls Town Hall in the Town Common. We were proud of the work that we did and received a much-appreciated Thank You letter from the Town Improvement Committee.

Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa

In 2012, Epping Well donated well pumps and solar panels to the Congo Village School Project. This project was initiated by a group of students in Woodstock Vermont to aid a community in the Congo. Young women in this community were required to walk 6 miles one-way to gather water for their families. Because of this, they could not attend school or be educated. The intent of the project was to drill a local well and support water withdrawal with a solar powered pump. We were honored to take part. 

Educational Outreach in Local Schools

Working in the water resources field for quite some time we have noticed many people don’t fully understand the connection between the water cycle and how water gets to the tap. As professionals, we believe it is our responsibility to educate, provide information, & answer questions. Providing the information through learning in schools and making it interactive and fun is very rewarding. In October 2014 and March 2015, we visited the Stratham Memorial School and the Stratham Cooperative Middle School to talk to students, 4th grade through 8th grade about water. We are currently working with other local schools to organize ‘water day’s’ for next Fall.

NH DES Drinking Water Festival & 4 th Grade Science Fair

In 2014, we sponsored a 4th grader, Autumn Huggins, in the statewide science fair. Autumn performed a study on the differences in water qualities of water collected from different sources. Autumn collected a sample from her kitchen sink (Town water), a puddle outside and from the Squamscott River and had all three samples analyzed in our accredited laboratory. Autumn won First Place at her local school and then went on to the Statewide Fair as part of the Drinking Water Festival and received an honorable mention. We are proud of her work.

In May 2015, Epping Well gave a presentation at the Drinking Water Festival. Our hydrogeologist demonstrated how groundwater moves through the subsurface and how our impacts above ground can have an impact below ground (contamination, over pumping, etc.). Our laboratory analyst demonstrated ways you can test your drinking water at home for quality parameters such as pH, total dissolved solids and bacteria. 

Continued Support of Epping Youth Athletic Association

In 1996 Henry DeBoer was awarded as the Volunteer of the Year with the Epping Youth Athletic Association. We have been sponsors of Epping Youths programs since the early 1990’s. It has always been an honor to aid in the local children’s after school programs. 

Additional Community Contributions

The following is a sampling of other contributions that we have made to our local communities. 

Industry Involvement and Contributions

As much as we believe in giving back to our communities and communities abroad, we are also committed to making our mark on the industry by actively participating in prominent advisory groups and associations, like the following:

New Hampshire Water Works Association

Epping Well & Pump is an active member of the New Hampshire Water Works Association, whose purpose is to improve municipal water supply service in NH through training and discussions of all water supply issues and problems, inspection of water works facilities, and action to improve the position of, as well as service rendered by, operators, managers and water works persons. Henry DeBoer has featured as a speaker at technical meetings, operator’s training and roundtable events. We have a vast knowledge of the public water works industry and we understand the value of sharing that knowledge through training and hands-on experience. 

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Henry DeBoer has represented the well and pump installer industry, the residential water treatment industry, the irrigation industry and the general public (both private well users and public water supplied residents) on a variety of regulation review and roundtable discussions. In the early 2000’s Henry DeBoer worked with two different committees through the legislation to create laws that benefited the irrigation industry and water treatment industry. In the mid-2000’s during the process of NH DES developing draft Drought Regulations, Henry DeBoer worked with regulators with the National Irrigation Association to provide insight as to the role of irrigation during low-recharge dry conditions. Epping Well and Henry DeBoer sat in and joined the discussion as a public and professional member in all meetings of Governor Lynch’s Water Sustainability Commission. Following these meetings, in 2012 a report was published detailing the status of our state’s water resources and to make recommendations that will ensure that the quality and quantity of NH’s water in 25 years is as good as or better than it is today.

New England Advisory Commission for D&S Pump Company

One of the nation’s major pump equipment suppliers, D&S Pump Company, created an advisory committee to take part in an annual roundtable meeting to discuss the state of our industry. We were selected as one of two companies from New Hampshire to sit on the committee and be involved in the discussion. Typical topics discussed were emerging technologies and changing regulations. Epping Well sat on the committee for seven years until the program ended. From these discussions, executives from D&S Pump company would provide a newsletter with a synopsis of the discussions for their customers. 

New Hampshire Water Well Association

Epping Well & Pump has been an active member of the New Hampshire Water Well Association since 1986. The NH Water Well Association is a group of well-water professionals that is dedicated to providing services, products and education to homeowners and institutions throughout New England. Henry DeBoer served as the director on the Board of Directors from 2011 to 2013. One of our direct contributions has been through working with the plumbing board to create legislation that protected the water treatment industry. 

Town of Epping Water and Sewer Commission

Henry DeBoer has been elected to the Water and Sewer Commission in Epping since 1999, and has been Chairman for ten of those years. Through this time, Henry DeBoer has guided the town with over 8 million dollars’ worth of water and wastewater infrastructure improvements. By using out-of-the box thinking, a funding strategy for these improvements was put in place that resulted in no cost increases to the users of the water and wastewater systems nor the taxpayers. These improvements have allowed for a boom for the Town of Epping in many ways; bringing in over 65 million dollars of commercial development that contributes 4.5 million in tax based revenue. Epping is now one of the fastest growing communities in the state. 

Irrigation Association of New England

Henry DeBoer helped to revive the Irrigation Association of New England (IANE) after it had been a dormant organization for a number of years. Henry DeBoer was a member of the Board of Directors from 2004 to 2013, he has served as past Clerk and President (2012). The association promoted the development, proper use and acceptance of irrigation equipment, facilities and systems for all possible applications. As well as to promote water and soil conservation, to conserve energy through efficient design and operation of irrigation systems. Our focus is to use irrigation as a water conservation tool – this is only achieved with well-designed systems that focus on distribution uniformity and timing.

One main contribution that we have given to IANE is to represent the irrigation industry on Massachusetts’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Sustainable Water Management Initiative (SWMI) advisory committee. This committee was developed to discuss the development of regulations for a water use allocation in the state. Henry DeBoer wrote a position paper detailing that in development of water management regulations, each watershed should be viewed as unique and individual. Water is a renewable resource. As long as we keep that water balance within each watershed, we inherently create a sustainable system. 

“Had a great experience with this company. Efficient and to the point. Thank you for all you do in
your industry and the community.”

– Buxton Oil