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Water Testing Services In NH

Water Testing in New Hampshire

At Epping Well & Pump Co., we’ve analyzed water from thousands of wells around New Hampshire. We’re familiar with the water quality issues that arise from old plumbing, irrigation, hard water, runoff, and other factors. 

Our technicians will test your water and recommend the best solutions for your needs.

How often should I test my drinking water?

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services recommends homeowners with private wells get their well water tested for bacteria annually. 

In addition, they should test for other standard contaminants of concern every three to five years.

NH Drinking water

What contaminants are included in a “standard” Water test? 

Here are the contaminants Epping Well & Pump tests for in our Standard Water Tests:

new hampshire water testing

What water concerns can be resolved?

  • Rotten Egg Smell           
  • Musty Water                         
  • Bad taste                               
  • Streaks and stains
  • Laundry Stains                     
  • Chlorine Taste                      
  • Itchy skin                              
  • Spotty dishes
  • Discolored Water                 
  • Cloudy Water                        
  • Soap won’t lather                 
  • and more!

Many harmful contaminants are undetectable to our eyes, nose and taste buds. You can only know your current water quality and what is in your drinking water through testing in a state accredited lab.

Radon Water Testing

Radon in water and air is a specific concern in New Hampshire drinking water.

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally and is often found in bedrock and in water from drilled wells in New Hampshire. Radon gas is odorless, has no color, and is tasteless too.

If radon in the air in your home is high, it’s important to know what amount of it is coming from your water versus coming in through your foundation.

Radon gas gets released into the air from your water through your water usage for showers, dish washers, laundry, etc.

The only way to determine if you have Radon in your drinking water is through proper testing. 

 The Epping Well & Pump team can help you with this!

NH Radon Testing

We can help you with your water testing needs

  • Homeowners

  • Home Inspectors

  • Public Water Systems         

  • Businesses    

  • Realtors

  • Mortgage Brokers 

  • Public Water Supplies       

  • and anyone else that needs certified water quality test results.

Our own State accredited water testing lab

We’re Proud to Offer Water Testing Services, we are affiliated with Seacoast Analytical Services, an accredited lab in New Hampshire and Maine!

Our lab, Seacoast Analytical Services, is accredited by the State of New Hampshire and is one of only ten certified labs in the state.  The point is that many companies do water testing, but it often can be in a lab that is not state accredited.  

You can order a test kit to be mailed to you at www.seacoastanalytical.com. 

NH Water testing company

Water Testing Accreditations/Certifications

Our lab is certified and recognized by the New Hampshire Environmental Lab Accreditation Program (NHELAP), Maine Laboratory Accreditation, the National Radon Safety Board and the Maine Rado Accreditation Board.  

You will be in good hands with our NH water testing services. 


It is very simple to take your water sample.  Sampling instructions can be seen here on this simple “How to collect a water sample” form.  

Some are really hard to read but ours is simple with a column for what the “normal” result looks like and what your result is, then has columns with “X”s on anything that doesn’t meet federal guidelines. 

At the bottom, it will say your water meets or does not meet federal drinking water guidelines.

Once you have your water quality test results, Epping Well can work with you for a customized water treatment solution for your contaminant concerns.  The safety of your drinking water is important to us.  We look forward to serving all your water needs from testing to treatment to taking care of your well and pump.

Many harmful contaminants are undetectable to our eyes, smell and taste buds. Testing is only way for you to know your water quality and what is in your drinking water.

“It’s always nice to deal with nice people. Mark, the service manager, helped connect me (on very short notice) with a filter part we’d broken. Thank you … I hope you will reach out to them when you need a well pump, drinking water testing, water treatment or irrigation systems. A+”

– K. Borst