Well Development by Hydrofracturing

Hydrofracturing, also known as hydrofracking, is a well redevelopment procedure where water is forced into a bedrock formation under high pressure via a well. The purpose is to increase the production flow (gallons per minute) of the well by attempting to open up or...

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Potentially Corrosive Groundwater in NH and the U.S.

(NHDES)… recommend having the following tests done every 3 to 5 years: Arsenic, Lead, Bacteria, Manganese, Chloride, Nitrate-n, Nitrite-n, Copper, pH, Fluoride, Sodium Hardness, and Iron. They also recommend that bacteria and nitrate tests are done annually.

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Epping Well helps Barnstead Library get back to clean water

Epping Well recently had the priviledge to update the pump and tank at the Oscar Foss Memorial Library in Barnstead, N.H. In the State of New Hampshire, code requires that a wellhead be a minimum of 8 inches above grade because surface waters can enter a below grade...

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Epping Well supports Barnstead Old Home Day

On Saturday, 9/17/16, much excitement was found at the Barnstead Elementary School. Over a year ago, a small group began to envision a fun-filled day where neighbors could come out and chat, get to know each other and join in some old-fashioned fun and games, along...

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Types of Groundwater Wells

Where does my drinking water come from?   This is a question we hear and answer every day.  To keep it simple, there are two main geologic units that we extract our groundwater from: (1) overburden (sand and gravel) deposits, and (2) bedrock.  Wells in sand and gravel...

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Convert Jet Well Pump to Submersible Pump

Many homes in New England utilize shallow or deep well jet pumps to move water from the well to the house. Although these well pump systems are considered reliable, they are susceptible to problems related to leaks, pipe breaks, check valve issues and...

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