When you have concerns about your drinking water, the first step should always be having your water tested at an accredited laboratory. This will tell you what is in your water and what might be causing any concerns you’re having.  This information will provide your water professional something on which to base recommendations on how to treat your water.  Making the best decisions about your water quality and water treatment options is not easy, it is a science based on the chemistry of your water.  We urge you to review the information below, but highly recommend you speak with us, or another water treatment specialist, before finalizing your water treatment plans.

Usually, if you have a concern about your water, something either doesn’t smell right, look right or feel right. Or perhaps you are worried about what may be harmful to you, like arsenic, radon or corrosive water.  For some, there may be sediment that is obvious when water sits in a glass.  For others, they may not be getting a good lather when shampooing their hair.  There can be many different concerns which have many different root causes.  Because of this, there are several different options to choose from when treating your water so it can be safe, taste good and look good.

Some of the ways to treat water include: filtration, water softening systems, and reverse osmosis systems .

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NH DES) has several fact sheets that may help you through any questions you have in regard to water testing and treatment. They can be found at the following links under the associated title.

Suggested Water Quality Testing for Private Wells:


Considerations when Purchasing Water Treatment Equipment:


Magnetic/Electronic Water Treatment Devices:


Reverse Osmosis Treatment:


ION Exchange Treatment:


Distillation Treatment:



We hope to be of service during this process of testing and treating your water. Call Epping Well and Pump – 603-679-5299 – to start on your way to having water that tastes good, looks good and is safe to drink.