“Water Works”, a recent program on NHPTV, discussed several different important points about our water supply and its use. Below you will find a link to a portion of that program that talks how usage of our water supplies is monitored and how we avoid drawing these supplies too low.


Henry DeBoer, the owner and founder of Epping Well and Pump, has been in the water industry since 1977. He is a certified operator of community well systems in New Hampshire and a grade 2D and 2T water system operator in Maine, licensed pump installer, licensed water treatment expert, owner of the only pump and filter company with a NELAC accredited state certified water analysis laboratory, and has been a licensed well driller in MA, ME and NH. He also is a member of many associations including the New Hampshire Water Well Association, the New Hampshire Water Works Association, the Irrigation Association of New England and the National Irrigation Association.  He has served as director of the NH Water Well Association, been an officer of the I.A.N.E. for many years, and is currently chairman of the Water & Sewer Commission for the Town of Epping, which he has served for 16 years.

Mr. DeBoer is passionate about our water supply, its management, and making sure clean water will be available for generations to come. In the clip he compares surface water supplies, such as Lake Massabesic for Manchester, to the bedrock well water supplies of Epping.

Epping Well and Pump is proud to be the primary sponsor for NHPTV / PBS Water Works programming.