We are the public water system operators on record for over 50 small water systems in the greater seacoast area of NH, southern ME, and northeastern MA.  We operate and maintain all types of community systems (i.e. condominiums, apartment buildings, mobile home parks); as well as non-community, transient and seasonal systems (i.e. commercial businesses, schools, day cares, campgrounds, restaurants).  With Epping Well & Pump, there is always a trained and knowledgeable operator performing the maintenance on your system.  We strive to keep your system running in full compliance with state drinking water regulations.

As your water operator, it is our goal is to provide your customers (person served by your system) with the best possible quality of water at optimal pressures and quantities.  When there is a leak or maintenance required, we fix the problem with the least amount of disruption in service as possible.  Rest assured, when we are your water operators, your customers will be satisfied!

Our services include the following:

  • Certified Water Operators
    • Certified/Licensed Professionals in NH and ME up to a Grade II Operator
    • Certified Professional Geologist (PG)
  • Installation, Operation & Maintenance of Treatment and Distribution System
  • Emergency Service and Bulk Water Delivery
  • Chemical Monitoring
    • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Sample Collection, Testing and Reporting
  • Chemical Monitoring Waiver Applications
  • Water Conservation Plans
  • Asset Management Programs
  • Wellhead Protection Programs
  • Leak Detection Surveys
  • Sanitary Surveys
  • Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs)
  • Public Health (i.e. Boil Water) Notification

Water Metering and Reporting
System Record “As-Built” Drawings
Funding Assistance for Capital Improvements

We are available 24/7 to respond quickly to any issues that may arise (no water, loss of pressure, leaks, etc.) and answer any question you may have about the operation and current compliance status of you small community water system.

Useful links:

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services – Drinking Water Administrative Rules

Maine Division of Environmental Health – Drinking Water Program 

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection – Drinking Water Regulations




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