Is your water source a public water supply?  Do you want to know what’s in your water?

One of the key functions of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Drinking Water and Groundwater Bureau is to administer the federal Safe Water Drinking Act and state statutes to ensure that safe drinking water is reliably being provided at approximately 2,400 public water systems throughout the state.

People that are on public water supplies may want to know what’s in their water. Public Water System data is public information and NH DES provides a way to get that information through the OneStop database.  By accessing this database, you can learn about the sampling schedule for your system, see permits to operate, the contacts, violations and other test results.

How to retrieve your water system information:

In your browser, type in the NHDES webpage address:

1. Click on the green OneStop icon on the left

2. Click on OneStop Data.


3. You can now search by your PWS number, your town, the name of your water supply, etc.  Enter your information in the appropriate box and click the Enter button. Leave the box blank (-Optional-) if you choose not to use that search field.

4. Click on Public Water System.


5. Click on any icon. They are shortcuts to the various sections of information or simply scroll down the page.

  • Click Master Sampling Schedule to get details on the water quality samples that are due/required to be collected.
  • Click Permits to Operate for .pdfs of the most recent and historical permits to operate the public water supply.
  • Click Sample Results to view the most recent and historical water quality test results.  You can click on the Sample Number hyperlinks to view individual .pdfs of water quality results.
  • Click System Data to view a .pdf of all data available for the public water system.


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