Irrigation Systems

fully operating irrigation system

Epping Well & Pump has approximately 1,200 contract irrigation customers that have us set up their systems in the spring and blow them out in the fall. 

We provide the best service and high quality systems to our customers. We offer commercial and residential irrigation systems, and complete the design, installation, and any necessary service of those systems.

Why is an effective irrigation system so important?

Irrigation supports water conservation and can be easily managed with Wi-Fi controllers and maintained via our annual service contract option.

Epping Well and Pump will design your irrigation system to meet your needs. With 40+ years in the industry, we have the experience, knowledge, tools and reputation that is second to none. We use the best and newest technology to give you the green, luscious, vibrant, healthy lawn you’re looking for.

“After a few hot weeks without rain this July, my lawn was more than parched; but we had just moved into our house a few months previously, and I had no idea how to operate, or even locate, the irrigation system. The previous owner had recommended I contact Epping, and although it was near closing, the office manager, Kathy Kelley, very graciously and expeditiously transferred my call to the service manager, Mark Perry, who was on route to a job. Mark had me text him a picture of the unit, stayed on the phone with me for about 20 minutes, and then called back after attending to his service call to make sure everything was OK – service above and beyond the call of duty – customers first, clearly.”

– D. Mercurio