Perhaps you’re considering purchasing a home that has a private well, or maybe you bought your current home and are having water system issues. If for any reason, you find that you need information on your private well, this will be fairly simple to do in NH.

In 1984, the state passed a statute that requires the licensing of water well contractors. These well contractors are required to file “Well Completion Reports”.  The contractor must supply the construction information along with a description of the subsurface conditions and geologic materials at the well site.  These reports are submitted to the New Hampshire Water Well Board and are kept by the New Hampshire Geological Survey (NHGS) in the New Hampshire Water Well Inventory Database.

The following link will bring you to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services OneStop database which includes private well information.

Which looks likes this:

Next, click on “Water Well” under “Areas of Interest” and then enter your street address and town under the “Location” section.  If nothing comes up, go back and remove your specific number and just leave the name of your street.  This will give you listings on your street and you may find your listing if you know the name of the homeowner at the time the well was put in.

For example, I entered Barnstead for the town and “Colbath” for the name of the road.  More than one have just been entered as “Colbath” but then you’ll see that it has the name of the owner at the time the well was created:

Once you’re able to find your listing, the below highlights where the information that you may be looking for would be located:

You’ll be able to see the type of well, the date it was completed, the total depth, depth to bedrock, how many feet of casing were used and the yield of the well.

As always, Epping Well and Pump is available to help you with any information you may need in regard to your water system.  Please contact us at 603-679-5299 if we may be of assistance.