“Water Works”, a recent program on NHPTV, discussed several different important points about our water supply and its use. Below you will find a link to a portion of the program that talks about the aging infrastructure of our municipal water systems and opportunities for young people to get into the water industry.

Henry DeBoer, the owner and founder of Epping Well and Pump, has been in the water industry since 1977. He is certified in many areas of the water industry in MA, ME and NH and belongs to many water industry associations.  He is currently Chairman of the Water & Sewer Commission for the Town of Epping, on which he has served for 16 years.

In this clip, Henry talks about the importance of acquiring federal funds to start to rebuild the aging infrastructure in New Hampshire, as well as the need for young people to be coming out of high school and colleges and getting experience in the water industry.

Epping Well is currently seeking an experienced Pump Mechanic, an experienced Irrigation Technician and laborers/helpers to round out our staff. Some of the positions within the water industry can only be learned by experience and aren’t necessarily taught in colleges or universities.  If you want to work at a place that is never the same two days in a row, where you can work hard with a great crew and have opportunities for advancement, fill out an application today!