Remember to change out your water filter cartridge

If you have a sediment filter, it’s important to remember to change out your cartridge so your system continues to give you maximum benefit.  Below are a few things that can happen that can give you a hint that it’s time to change your cartridge.

Low water Pressure

Over time, deposits build up on the filter cartridge.  The more they build up, the more difficult it is for water to get through and the slower the pressure will appear.  If it’s taking longer and longer to fill a glass, you have a good indicator that you may need to change your filter cartridge.

Taste and Odor Changes

As your water filter cartridge starts to get full, it will become less effective at the job of filtering your water supply.  You may notice changes in the taste and odor. 

Cloudy Ice

Water with higher mineral content or other dissolved solids tends to be cloudy rather than clear when it freezes.  When you start seeing cloudy ice cubes, it’s time to check your filter cartridge.