Thanks for your strong response to our last post about #StrawFreeinthe603. This week, we thought we’d provide more information about other items that end up in our oceans. #cleanwater

Below items are ranked from most common to least common based off of the findings from the International Coastal Cleanup hosted by the Ocean Conservancy:

1. Cigarettes/Cigarette Filters – 1-5 years to biodegrade…
2. Plastic Food Wrapper/Containers – 20-30 years
3. Plastic water bottles – 450 years
4. Plastic bags – 10-20 years
5. Plastic caps and lids – 450-1,000 years
6. Plastic utensils – 450 years
7. Plastic straws and stirrers – up to 200 years
8. Glass bottles – 1 million years (estimated, exact time unknown)
9. Aluminum cans – 80-200 years
10. Paper bags – 1 month

As you enjoy these final days of summer before the kiddos go back to school please be careful to pack out what you pack in. Thanks for taking care of our planet!

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