At Epping Well and Pump, our passion is clean water. Clean water for you to drink is our mission, but we also care about clean water on the largest scales. If you check out water in the news, just this week there is new technology being deployed to help with ridding our oceans of plastics.

Did you know there are actually five places in our oceans called “garbage patches”? It’s where plastics converge due to currents. Here’s a story from National Geographic about what they are and how they were formed:…/great-pacific-garbage…/

Check out the latest research about how we can start to turn the tide back to cleaner waters:…/road-to-the-cleanup/

We encourage you to do all you can to help keep our drinking water safe and clean. If you have questions about what’s in your water, give us a call at 603-679-5299 and we’ll be happy to help.