“Water Works”, a recent program on New Hampshire Public Television (NHPTV), discussed several different important points about our water supply and its use. Below you will find a link to a portion of the program that talks about water leaks, how to find them and how to stop them.



In this clip, Stacey Herbold from NH Department of Environmental Services provides practical tips on how to identify and reduce water leaks in your home.

The biggest area of concern is your toilet. The water goes right down the drain, so you don’t notice any wet spots.  You should also watch for leaky or dripping faucets and shower heads.

One way you can check for leaks is to put food coloring in the toilet tank.  If the dyed water in the tank appears in the bowl without flushing, you have a leak! If you are on a public water system and water is metered as it enters you home, you can check to see if water is registering as flowing through the meter during times when you are not actively using water (ex. 4am).  If you are not using water, but the dial on the meter is moving, you have a leak!
You can save yourself a lot of money by being conscientious about looking for, finding and repairing leaks.

Epping Well and Pump is proud to have been the primary sponsor for the NHPTV / PBS Water Works programming.